PSYC Membership Form Welcome to the PSYC Membership Application Form

I do hereby apply for membership in the Puget Sound Yacht Club. I understand that active membership requires boat ownership, social membership is available for non-boat owners.

Membership is by individual, couples complete both columns of the form. Use tab key to move from item to item (do not press the enter (return) key)

Personal Information
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Please list below the names and birthdays of your children under the age of 19.
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Name: Birthday:(mo/dd/yr)
Name: Birthday:(mo/dd/yr)
 Boat Information
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 Special Participation Interests

Enter below any special interests such as a desire to lead in cruises, socials,
Junior programs, Club technology, education, property management, etc.


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Club Membership requires a conmmitment to participation in, the betterment of boating, unified family activities, courtesy, safety, education and good sportsmanship. The Club aim is to actively practice this commitment while having fun for everyone. Our Board of Trustees reserves the right to decline application for membership and revode any membership at anytime in accordance with the Club By-laws. By selecting "SUBMIT" on this application signifies my agreement to this commitment.

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